Black & White & Paris

My love affair with Paris began when I first traveled to Europe at age 17.  

I have not  been the same since.  

Paris was where I spent my senior year of college as a student at the Sorbonne.
I am convinced, however, that I learned more in my experience as an au pair girl for a delightful French family with three toddlers.  When we all grew up, I photographed the weddings of the two girls for whom I was the au pair.

In l996, after a successful career in advertising, I moved to Paris where I maintained an
apartment until November 2006.  Most of the Paris photos were taken during this ten year period and many in the neighborhood where I lived near the Eiffel Tower.  The still life
photos give a glimpse of apartment life while others show what enchanted me as I ambled on foot or made my way around Paris by bus or metro.

Black and White and Paris photos were taken on Nikon FG and N90 film cameras.  The negatives were digitally scanned and mastered.  They are printed on an Epson 9800 printer using Epson matte finish archival paper