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   jacqueline   2014-07-29 20:13:40   

Lovely work, Virginia! Your photos of Paris are terrific- and, the one of you as a young artist is so beautiful and sweet. Your thoughts about finding Paris in Oakland were inspiring; I have found much beauty in this east bay, misunderstood city and will now be more aware (or at least I'll be looking for) those Paris-like spots. Hope to see you when you return from Paris, Jacqueline
   Tito Young   2014-05-04 12:27:06   

Hi Deborah I really love your photographic work. I am glad there are still photographers that find value in printing. It was a pleasure sipping a glass on a Saturday afternoon art murmur event when you and I spoke regarding cost effective 3D virtual reality solutions. You asked me to provide you with what we do. Take a look! :)
   Jennifer Smith   2014-01-29 10:57:15   

I enjoy your work. I saw you Craigslist post and navigated to your website. Your work on Paris brought back fond memories from a trip we took, thank you. Jen
   Karlton McMeans   2013-10-13 13:42:46   

Looking forward to your next show...
   Rama Kaur   2013-05-07 18:28:09   

I'm so happy that my friend sent me a link to your site! For me, your wonderful images captured something of the magnetic and magical feeling of Paris! Bravo!!
   Scott M Smith   2012-05-18 20:31:48   

I want to see your work at the Smithsonian. Let's plan this for next spring?
   Ben Makhlouf   2008-09-10 20:45:00   

Dear Virginia, Your website and your pictures are very very nice! What a great combination? I love it. Visiting your web and looking at your nice pictures, makes me feel going back in time when I was in Paris and Tunisia. You did a great job Bravo!! You are tres Chic. Gros Bisous, Big Kiss, Ben.
   Robbin Garcia   2008-09-02 08:10:43   

Hi Virginia, I love the selections. The problem is which one to buy! I'll contact you soon regarding purchase. The web site is great. The photos are wonderful, memorable, and inspiring. Congratulations on your work. Love, Robbin
   Victoria   2008-04-15 12:47:34   

oh how these photos brought back such beautiful memories of my days in Paris! Thank you for sharing your talent. I love the the still life colection! all the best, Victoria
   Nancy Prange   2008-04-06 12:50:11   

Just spent time on your web site ---- and I so enjoyed "revisiting" your marvelous photography! The past few years have provided excellent opportunities for me to enlarge my landscape photography --- one of these days we'll have to get together and share! Any chance you'll be coming near Door Cty Wisconsin in the near future? You are always welcome here as our guest... Or meet in Chicago? Hugs, Nancy Prange
   Routier de Montpar   2008-01-11 01:19:28   

A bientot donc . Bravo pour ces photos et pour le site! bizzzzzzzzzz
   Patricia Patterson   2008-01-05 09:45:27   

Hi Virginia: Hi was just browsing by mesart, where my site is housed: The Lens Within, and had an opportunity to view your site. Veryyyyy Nice! I love your images! Reminds me that I need to get away! was in Paris years ago, time to travel....your images are teriffic, close ups still lifes, love them + all the others as well. im inspired! Pat P